Atarax hydroxyzine hydrochloride

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Atarax may interact with other drugs, so before using Atarax, inform your general practitioner if you use other medicines that make you sleepy on a regular basis.
Atarax Drug and Prescription Information, Side Effects, Use, and Dosage
Hydroxyzine is a first-generation antihistamine, of the piperazine class that is an H receptor antagonist. It is used primarily as an antihistamine
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  • " 2-4 times daily "
  • -- Alona T.

  • " I was given this medicine when I suddenly started having panic attacks. I had never had one before, but something I set out and it was difficult to leave my home, even to check email. I did not like the effect of medication against anxiety drugs has had on me I had little children and needed to be able to concentrate. I took the pill on an "as needed". He did not get drowsy or wacky, a little calmer. In one week I felt like me again, resumed his work, and could say "hello "to people whom I met while running errands. I have not had any anxiety problems from, but still the rest of of the pills I have not use the rear of the medicine cabinet in case. "
  • -- Roxanna T.

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